How to Buy a Domain or Website

To make an offer on our auction inventory simply search for Domain names, Web sites or Internet-based businesses for sale on our site and submit an offer OR call us at (909) 413 - 1569

After making an offer, we will forward it to the seller and notify you whether your offer has been accepted, rejected or if there is a counter offer.
Once an offer has been submitted we will then place a 14 "fourteen" day hold / grace period for the said domain name to accept a counter offer. If after the 14 " fourteen day hold noone offers a higher amount and your offer is accepted, you will be emailed a purchase contract and detailed escrow instructions to sign, similar to those used in a real estate or business opportunity transaction.

How long does it take to transfer a domain name?

Domain names can take up to 72 hours for propagation of transfer from our Registrar to yours.
Once full payment has cleared, we will transfer your new domain name and DNS records to your desired
Registrar within 24 hours. Maximum transfer may take up to 96 hours from time payment clears.

Can I buy and use a domain name that is
a trademark of someone else?

It very much depends on the specifics. For example, if Compaq bought, legal precedent indicates that the court would likely require Compaq to release to Apple Computers. If, however, an apple farmer bought to sell fruit over the Internet, Apple Computer would likely have less of a claim. We highly recommend that you read Internic's policy on domain name ownership.

The domain name I want is not included in your inventory.
What should I do?

If your requested domain name is available, we can register it and create and host your Web pages at very reasonable rates per year per domain name. If you do register your new domain name through this site, registration fees are $24.00 US Dollars for the first two years upon the sale of this domain name through If the name is not available, Make an Offer, and we will contact the owner of the domain name and attempt to negotiate the sale of the name, but expect that the owner will likely charge a significant premium to release the name.


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