Rent or Lease to own Domain names

If the price of the site is too high for you but you wish to try and make a go of it,
I can rent you a domain name for One Year for 25% of the value of the domain name and at the end of the Year the money you paid can go towards the final value of the domain name. If you do not wish to purchase the domain name after One Year, the said domain name will go back on the For Sale list at
Only One Year Rental contracts can be made.

A Lease Option is a purchasing technique. It is a lease for a fixed period of time with an option to purchase the property on a future date. The price of a domain or website and the cost of the project developed are usually agreed upon at the inception of the agreement. With a Lease Option to Purchase, the tenant has the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the property but must pay 50% of the value of the domain name up front and the final value must be paid by the end of the First Year otherwise the domain name will go back on the For Sale list at

For more information on renting a name or web site from my inventory, please contact me at My Office

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