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How we work this site:

Our goal is to bring sellers and buyers of web sites together and to simplify the sometimes complex transactions of selling or purchasing such "properties".

Buying a web site is not a simple matter. There are many issues to consider when entering into such a transaction. A web site is generally made up of different components. The domain name, the textual content, custom graphics, logos, trade names, licensed material, copyrighted material, custom programs / software, cgi scripts, servers and web hosting agreements, HTML content, JAVA, Active X content and any other technology content, accounts receivables and much more. We can help you make sense of everything and can even point you in the right direction for transactional help.

If you want to sell a web site you own, simply email us the domain name and your minimum price desired provided and your listing will be added for free to the growing database of sites available for sale. There is absolutely no charge for listing or viewing your site.

If a seller so chooses, our team of web site brokers will contact interested sellers to help with the selling process by "directing" qualified leads to the seller. If any site is sold through the efforts of one of our web site brokers, the seller will be charged an agreed upon percentage of the sale price. The way we represent sellers in this type of transaction is not unlike the way a real estate broker represents someone who wishes to sell a house. Naturally, sellers are under no obligation to use a web site broker's services and can choose to just be listed (for free) on our public database.

Buyers can contact sellers directly if they see a site they are interested in purchasing or obtaining more information about.

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You may contact us by e-mail or call us @ 909 - 413 - 1569 (24/7)
Our friendly courteous staff will gladly respond to you personally within 72 business hours

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