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A Lease Option is a purchasing technique. It is a lease for a fixed period of time with an option to purchase the property on a future date. The price of a domain or website and the cost of the project developed are usually agreed upon at the inception of the agreement. With a Lease Option to Purchase, the tenant has the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the property.

This Process is made up basically of two parts. The Lease Portion and the Option Portion. Many items have to be addressed, such as leasehold improvements and the disposition of deposits to complete the website development plan, as well as disposition of deposits if the Option to purchase is NOT executed on or before the agreed upon date.

Developer and domain holder present a detailed Project Overview to the prospective buyer and include a website maintenance contract.

Upon acceptance of terms, website development begins and a carefully planned business strategy is put into effect. Each month a strict website marketing regimen is followed and detailed account activities are compiled, in reports to be included with monthly invoice.

Once we have an active website, generating enough revenue to pay for the development and maintenance, then we can say it's been a "Win Win" venture.

For more information on listing your name or web site for rent or renting a name or web site from our inventory, please contact us at
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