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Custom Web site Development

Each Web site we build is a unique piece of art, where as no two web sites are alike. Web sites will vary according to your individual need. Your site may require additional custom design and enhancements. We will be happy to work with you to develop a web site that best meets your needs.


Site maintenance costs depends upon the complexity of your web site and the amount of updating you plan to do. This may include changes to site content, link verification, search engine position, monitoring and optimizing. You have the option of signing on to a pre-determined maintenance plan or paying for services as needed. Either way your site will receive the attention necessary for optimum performance.

Starter Web Packages


  • 4 Pages
  • 6 Photos and Graphics
  • Text
  • Background
  • 20 pop e-Mails accounts

  • $3,900.00

  • 8 Pages
  • 12 Photos and Graphics
  • Text
  • Background
  • Up to 20 Hyperlinks
  • 50 pop e-Mail accounts


    Internet Needs
    Stealth Web Design
    Advertising Specialties
    Graphic Design
    Printing Services
    Business forms
    Pre & Post Multi-Media Production, Audio & Video Broadcasting, either over the Internet or television
    Special Effects
    Non Linear Editing
    Audio & Video CD's / DVD's Mastered
    Computer Consulting





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