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Websites for Sale.Buy, Sell and Trade Web Sites.Buying a Website. can represent sellers who wish to sell their web sites or buyers who wish to buy existing web sites.

This is not much different than the way a real estate or business broker represents individuals or companies who are selling or buying real estate or a business.

If you are selling a web site and chose to have a web site broker from represent you, you will be contacted by one to find out some more detailed information about the site that you want to sell. We will then contact potential buyers we know may be interested in buying a web site like the one you are selling. If we find you a buyer and you sell your web site to them, then you (the seller) will have to pay us a previously agreed upon commission. We can make sure that your web site is properly valued and that you obtain the maximum amount possible for your web site.

If you choose to have help you purchase an existing web site, then our team can help you find a suitable web site that is available for sale. If you (the buyer) end up buying a web site we find for you, our commission will be generally paid by the seller (unless we have previously agreed otherwise). We can help buyers find suitable web sites and make sure that they are getting what they are paying for. We can also help in the evaluation of available web sites.

Websites for Sale.Buy, Sell and Trade Web Sites.Buying a Website.

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