How to buy a domain
I have a great reputation with many references and have been entrusted with a lot of peoples personal and banking accounts.

All of the domain names listed on tm are owned by me Scott Stephens.

Buying and transferring domain names is very simple and I can either walk you through the process or if you are familiar with a certain registrar that's cool too.

First things first, funds must clear if paying by check or postal money order, or if you prefer cash on the spot transaction we can meet in a public place such as a police dept. or a coffee shop .

I refuse to go through an escrow company as I have been swindled by them before and lost a couple domain names without payment. If you insist on using an escrow company then go buy your domain name elsewhere.

I have been buying and selling domain names since 1999 and have sold nearly 100 domain names and never had an issue with transfers of registration.

To make an offer on one or more of my domain names simply call me @ (909) 413 - 1569 or email me HERE

After making an offer, I will let you know within 3 days if your offer has been accepted, rejected or if there is a counter offer. Once an offer has been submitted and your offer is accepted, you will be emailed a purchase contract and detailed escrow instructions to sign, similar to those used in a real estate or business opportunity transaction.

How long does it take to transfer a domain name?
Domain names can take up to 72 hours for propagation of transfer from my Registrar to yours.
Once full payment has cleared, I will transfer your new domain name and DNS records to your desired Registrar within 24 hours. Maximum transfer may take up to 96 hours from time payment clears.

Most of my domain names are registered with , So if you want to create an account with them which I recommend, an internal transfer can take as little as 5 seconds once funds are cleared.